Impress Anyone Who Steps Into Your Apartment With These 3 Tips

Modern italian furniture

After months of swiping on whatever dating app you use, you’ve finally landed a date! Nice!

Now it’s time for that lucky lady or gentleman to finally come over your place and check out your apartment, though. Uh oh… that could be a disaster. You still have all your old college posters and dirty dishes all over the place, don’t you? It’s time to rid your place of all your childish items and have an apartment that will impress any date. Here is how to do it.

Luxury Italian Leather Sofas

You think the futon that you’ve had since your freshman year is going to impress your date? Probably not. But luxury Italian leather sofas will certainly do the trick. If your date steps into your apartment and notices fine Italian leather furniture, they will be extremely happy to both not walk into a childish dorm room and actually be standing in an adult’s apartment. There is a huge difference between high end furniture like Italian furniture and gross college futons… it’s time to make the change.

Book Shelf (With Books That You Have Actually Read)

Another way to impress just about anyone is to have a nice bookshelf in your place with books that you’ve actually read more than a page or two. If you have a few books, whether you’re date has read them or not, at least they can act as a great conversation starter. Not to mention that reading a book or two will actually improve your intelligence and speed up your maturing process a bit, but having a nice book shelf is just wonderful to look at.

Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

Even if your place doesn’t have any furniture, books, or any item at all, if it’s clean at least you got that going for you. Your place can be filled with some of the nicest items in the world, but if it’s dirty, smelly, or just messy, whoever walks inside is going to feel uncomfortable. Keeping your apartment clean should not be that difficult. You don’t have to scrub every inch of your place every single day — although you should thoroughly clean your place at least once a month or so — and all you really have to do to keep your place clean is pickup after yourself, wash your dishes, and throw out your garbage. If that’s too difficult maybe you shouldn’t be living in an apartment, let alone dating anyone.

It’s not hard, just clean your place, read a book, and get some luxury Italian leather sofas.