School Clothing Can Help Unify a Building and Strengthen School Spirit

High school t shirts

Can you ever really have too many tshirts?
According to most Americans, the answer must be no.
From school pride clothing to tshirts celebrating races run, Americans are certainly partial to these comfortable pieces of clothing. School pride clothing, it seems, is at an all time high. Interestingly enough, it is not just the students who are interested in purchasing and wearing spirit wear shirts and other items. Faculty members, for instance, often get to wear jeans on Friday instead of dressing up if they also agree to wear school spirit tshirts. Parents, as well, often purchase school mascot themed attire.
Do you have a favorite tshirt that you know you will ever part with? It may be a tshirt from your elementary school’s reading club, a middle school tshirt that you and your best friends were able to help the principal design for special awards, or a high school tshirt that advertisers that you scored an excellent ACT score, but you likely have a shirt that means the world to you. One that even when it no longer fits you refuse to throw out or give away.

  • Year end celebrations at schools are a popular time for teachers and students alike to wear school pride clothing.
  • Orange and black instead of school colors can help create a festive atmosphere for a fall festival.
  • Unifying class colors during Homecoming Week can encourage high school students to easily participate in Spirit Week by simply wearing the right color of t shirt.

  • Local businesses are often willing to help fund school shirts.
  • One of the ways to help teachers keep track of their students when they are out of the building on a field trip is to make sure that students are wearing matching school tshirts.
  • Orchestra students can weal collared long sleeve shirts with the school name monogrammed on the pocket area when they are traveling to perform area concerts.
  • Kids Club, or any other kinds of after care program staff often wear matching school apparel so they are easily identified.

  • Getting custom high school apparel made and selling it as a fundraiser can be very profitable. In fact, the average product fundraiser generates more than $3,100 for non-profits and schools.
  • Online sales for school tshirts can help increase sales.
  • One clever mascot design can help sell a lot of tshirts.
  • Dance teams and cheerleading groups often present tshirts to their elementary school camp participants.

  • Individual clubs and teams often have a tradition of letting students submit their own designs to a contest for the best designs.
  • Never Tardy for the Party high school t shirts can help recognize students who make it a whole semester without being late for a single class.

  • Tshirt collections from competitions and contests often become favorite memories from a school career.
  • Hats with custom school designs can also be items that many people never want to give away.
  • As many as 62% of Americans claim to own more than ten tshirts in their wardrobe. This means a total of roughly 1.5 billion shirts. Aren’t you curious how many of those are school spirit wear that people do not want to ever part with?
  • Teachers who work at large high schools sometimes organize tshirt designs by department.

  • Tshirts can also be used as an incentive for students who reach a certain high score mark on standardized tests.
  • Spirit wear designed with parents in mind can help build entire community support.
  • Hallway monitors and safety crossing guards are more visible when they are wearing specially designed school spirit shirts.
  • Interest in school pride clothing is something that many older parents easily embrace as a way to show up in school colors for sporting matches and other events.
  • Reading clubs in elementary schools often design tshirts before they attend end of the year quiz competitions.
  • The possibility of a free tshirt at a sporting event or assembly can quickly get the attention of an entire crowd.

Statistics indicate there are approximately 2 billion t-shirts sold worldwide each year. Many of these are purchased for school events. Some of these shirts are so loved they become treasured items that are kept long after they fit and long after they are still looking their best. When you know that you look good in your tshirt, why would you give it away?