Four Essential Pieces of Bouldering Equipment For Beginners

Rock climbing

As a beginning rock climber, it?s important to know and to have the essential gear in order to adventure safely on the cliffs. Typically when you climb with a guide or when you?re climbing on a wall in the gym, the necessary equipment is provided for you. However, once you?ve begun to climb on your own, it?s essential to have this list of bouldering gear items on hand.

  • Adventure clothing

    Bringing the right type of clothing is essential to any kind of outdoor activity, but especially when it comes to bouldering and rock climbing. Make sure that the clothing you choose is breathable, such as cotton fiber, so your sweat won?t make you uncomfortable or slick when climbing. Additionally, bring a change of clothes with you in the event that the weather changes.
  • Chalk

    To improve your grip on rocks while you?re bouldering or rock climbing, be sure to bring along chalk to absorb the sweat on your hands. Choosing to use chalk that matches the color of the rock you’re climbing also lessens environmental impact!
  • Climbing shoes

    It?s important to wear the correct shoes while rock climbing, but because bouldering is often done without ropes, what you wear on your feet is critical to your climb. Climbing shoes specifically help with getting good footholds by providing the right amount of friction. However, as you would with clothing and other adventure gear, be sure to bring an additional pair of shoes for differing conditions. Climbing shoes aren?t always comfortable for normal walking and hiking and therefore you should bring along a different pair of shoes with your bouldering gear.
  • Friends

    Solo rock climbing can be immensely fun, but when it comes down to it you should always bring along a partner or friend for safety precautions. It?s always good to have backup in the case of emergency. And besides, out of all trips taken by Americans, 70% are taken with friends. Bouldering is more fun when you?re sharing the experience with others!

When bouldering, use the correct bouldering gear and be sure to check your equipment before every use even if it?s borrowed from gym while indoors. It?s your responsibility to keep yourself safe during your bouldering, or rock climbing, experience.