How to Choose the Best Hardwood Floors

Are you considering renewing your house’s hardwood floor? Then watch this video till the end to get a handful of useful tips.

What kind of hardwood floor do you want? There are two types of hardwood flooring, which are solid hardwood and engineering hardwood. Solid hardwood floors are made up of a single wood plank, while engineering hardwood floors are made up of multiple planks. Solid hardwood is convenient when it comes to repairing as compared to engineering hardwoods.

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The type of wood also matters. There are more than 29 types of woods, such as oak, walnut, ash, cherry, maple, etc. Each species of wood has its own properties and is different in terms of durability, so choose the wood wisely.

The graining style and finishing options are also the main steps when it comes to hardwood flooring. Choose whether you want a glossy look or a matte look you desire. There are two finishing options, pre-finished and unfinished. Pre-finished is fully prepared and just requires installation, while unfinished requires a finishing touch after installation.

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