Four Types of Gorgeous Rings to Consider

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There?s never been a better time to get creative with rings. There?s an enormous amount of choice available in nearly every style and color you can possibly imagine. Whether you want a sapphire ring, a black diamond ring, birthstone rings, or completely unique wedding sets, here?s some ideas to get you thinking:

  • The ever popular diamond. While it?s true that more people are interested in a sapphire ring then ever before, it?s also true that the classic diamond isn?t going anywhere anytime soon. A full 75% of American women still go for diamond engagement rings. Mines across the world are annually producing about 26,000 kilograms, 130 million carats, of diamonds. When you?re considering a diamond, there are four elements that will affect the cost. The color, carat, clarity, and cut. Essentially, the clearer, the higher the carat, and the more complicated the cut, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Consider the sapphire ring. In general, the four ?Cs? of the diamond?color, carat, clarity, and cut?hold true for a lot of gemstone rings as well, although some gemstones are more valuable with lower clarity than if perfectly clear. A sapphire ring, though, is all about color, shape, and size. A sapphire ring can be a wonderful choice, since the sapphire comes in many colors, is gorgeous, and is generally far more affordable than diamonds. The most popular sapphire ring color is a rich blue, but they are also available in gorgeous greens, teals, and purples as well.
  • Think about the black diamond ring, too. Black diamonds make a real statement. They?re gorgeous and still unique enough to really impress. They get their color from clouds of small minerals within the diamond, such as graphite or hematite. The actual color can be black or even olive green or brown, but it?s the natural black, nearly opaque diamonds that are prized for jewelry.
  • That gorgeous red ruby could be perfect. The sapphire ring has you covered if you prefer greens and blues, but if you want a striking red ring, you can?t lose with the ruby. Both the color and the gemstone have long been associated with romance, but they have also symbolized friendship and constancy, as well. The ruby is a hard, durable stone, coming in third after diamonds and then sapphires.

Rings are more than just accessories. They reveal something about their wearer and signal things about your achievements and commitments to the whole world. They matter, so make sure whatever you choose is communicating what you want said about you.