Four most common types of hose clamps

Hose clamps

Three are different types of hose clamps. Each type of hose clamps has their own specifications. Some large hose clamps for example are for high pressure use while others are for ordinary temporary home plumbing solution. Here are the four most common types of hose clamps.

The most common type of hose clamp is the screw clamps or the stainless hose clamps. This type of hose clamp is the type wherein in one end of the band has a screw which when turned causes the entire band to tighten. The screw clamp is generally small and is generally used in home plumbing since they can only be used on smaller hoses. Another type of hose clamp is the spring clamp. The spring clamps have tabs which when pressed releases the clamp. Usually, to release the clamp, pliers are used because the springs are tightly pressed together to hold the hose. This is usually used in car fuel lines. This is bigger than the screw clamp and can withstand higher pressure than the spring clamps. Then there is the wire clamp. A wire clamps is made from heavy duty wire that was formed into a shape of U. At the end of the wire is a captive nut which when tightened forces the wire to also tighten on the hose. Lastly, there is the ear clamps. Ear clamps are usually made from stainless steel bands which are wrapped around the hose. The ends of the bands are made into ear or ears. The ears are turned to tighten the band around the hose. Some ear clamps have only one ear while others have two.