DIY Broken Chain Repair

This video is to inform viewers about jewelry repair. Jewelry is a big part of everyone’s lives. Whether you wear rings, bracelets, or necklaces, you have probably worn one of these things in your life.

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Jewelry, especially nice and expensive pieces are sought after to enhance our appearance and make us feel more luxurious. It is important to know that you do not have to go and get new jewelry after it breaks. Whether a stone falls off or a chain comes unloose, jewelry repair is so easy that you can go get it fixed or even fix it yourself. There are stores that sell kits so you can fix minor problems, like a loose chain.

When learning about jewelry repair, it is important to know that by doing research, you can learn how to fix any issue as well as learn about the tools you need to fix these issues. For repairing jewelry, there are different kinds of pliers you may need to get the job done. The most common pliers are cutting pliers that cut through steel and metal. There are also pliers that allow you to bend steel and metal. Watch this video to learn how to fix a broken chain.