Why is Dental Health So Important?

You brush your teeth daily most likely out of habit. It’s probably not even something you think about consciously anymore. You know the benefits of proper oral hygiene, but how often do you actually think about them?

Because your dental hygiene is probably such a routine part of your life, it can be difficult to instill this habit in your kids. After all, it’s second nature to you and that can make it difficult to explain it to someone to whom it is foreign.

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But it’s extremely important that you teach your kids the importance of good dental habits like teeth brushing, flossing, and regularly visiting a dentist. Your kids should be taught not only that these habits are important, but WHY they are important. Don’t simply repeat and regurgitate facts to your children. Instead, take the time to open up a whole conversation.

Videos like this one help explain the importance of dental health in more detail. Your kids should get as much information as appropriate for their age. Show them videos like this one to begin instilling proper dental hygiene habits!