3 Fun Facts about Flowers

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Flowers can be used to express a myriad of sentiments and feelings. This, in addition to their variety and beauty, is what makes them such a thoughtful and special gift. No matter the occasion, flower bouquets are always welcome.

Whether you are planning a special occasion or just want to surprise a special someone, the following flower facts are bound to put a smile on your face.

Giving Flowers Makes a Good Impression

The gifts we give to others in order to convey our special messages say a lot about us, according to researchers at Rutgers University.

People who send flowers are seen as more successful, caring and emotionally intelligent than others, according to a recent survey. 89% of respondents said that they believed someone who gives flowers is sophisticated. 99% of respondents said that they believed a gift giver who gives flowers is thoughtful.

And don’t hesitate to sent that bouquet, either. 86% of respondents said that receiving flowers made them feel special, while 83% said they like to receive flowers unexpectedly. All in all, 88% of respondents agreed that receiving flowers changed their moods for the better.

A Flower by Many Other Names. . .

You may have heard that flowers come with their own language. Each flower symbolizes a special feeling or message. It’s why we associate certain flowers with Valentine’s Day and others with funerals.

However, did you know that a flower can convey multiple meanings, or that a flower may have different meanings depending on the culture? Here are some examples:

  • Red tulips, not roses, were used to declare romantic love in Russia.
  • When you hold a red rose in one hand, it’s considered a symbolism of socialism or social democracy.
  • Carnations can symbolize many things. Red carnations symbolize deep love, while white carnations symbolize pure love. Yellow carnations symbolize dejection.

The Florist Industry is Blooming

If you love flower bouquets, you must thank the florists.

The Florist industry generates about $7 billion annually and is growing. From 2009 to 2014, the florist industry grew about 0.6%.

In the United States, there are an estimated 36,613 businesses. The florist industry itself employs over 90,000 people.

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