Why You Should Consider Custom Coasters as a Party Favor

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It’s always helpful to have a few drink coasters scattered around the house and they can make a fun and festive gift as well! From custom round drink coasters to custom square drink coasters or the collectible coasters you can find at bars and restaurants, the variety is seemingly limitless! They first became used in 1880, after they were introduced by a German printing company and in 1920, were brought over to the United Kingdom by Watney Brewery, to promote their pale ale. Today, you can find them in almost every bar and restaurant, usually promoting a type of beer or cider. However, there are also ones that look a bit nicer for everyday use at home, as well as elegant coasters that can be both decorative and functional.

Talk to Me About Custom Drink Coasters
You’ve probably seen any number of custom drink coasters — like custom round drink coasters — around. There are a number of online venues where you can design and personalize your own coasters and have them shipped right to your door. Whether you’re advertising for an event or an organization or are making them as gifts, the process is sure to be fun and creative. If they’re gifts, it can be a nice little personal touch — maybe pictures of you and your family or friends — or if you’re using them as advertising material, it’s a useful giveaway.

Bulk orders usually tend to be less expensive, making them an ideal option for fundraisers, giveaways, or party favors. Plus, unlike many free items, they’ll likely get used, either at home or at the office. And if they’re well-designed, people might float over to your table or booth to snag one!

How Can I Make Custom Drink Coasters?

Making custom round drink coasters (or square ones) is pretty simple. Online retailers will have the tools you need to design the coaster you’re looking for. You can pick material, laminate, colors, fonts, and upload pictures to make it as personal as you want. Got a company logo or organization’s letters/image that you want to include? Not a problem! They’ll calculate price for you as you go and let you preview the final design before it gets sent off to be made. Be sure to check out the company and some of its reviews before choosing one — there are different price points and quality assurances for each company and you want to be sure you’re picking the right one for you!

You can also get super crafty and DIY your own if you feel so inspired. Some party stores may also have plain drink coasters that you can customize yourself. One fun idea is applying glitzy or artsy temporary tattoos to the coaster or even appliqueing dried flowers or magazine cutouts to the plain coaster.

Why Are They Useful to Have Around?

Custom round drink coasters
are always helpful to have around. For one thing, they can help keep those irritating condensation rings from showing up on your nice wood furniture. They can also keep wet spots from gathering on your surfaces once you remove your drink — and haven’t we all put our phone or book or piece of paper down on a wet coffee table or desk?

They can also be a wonderful party favor or small gift that still means a lot, especially if they’re personalized. They’re good for commemorating events or for advertising purposes. Furthermore, they’re relatively inexpensive to make — compared to other party favors — and your guests will know you put the time, thought, and effort into making a sweet coaster.

Let your inner artist out when you design custom round drink coasters for your next event or as a gift. They’re a practical and thoughtful item that can be used just about anywhere!