Which Hair Removal Method is Best?

Unwanted body hair is a common problem for women of all races. There are many ways to remove hair, from plucking with tweezers to waxing. Many women think that waxing is the best way to remove body hair. YouTube creator Jashan Virk examines which body wax is best.

Some of the best waxing places use Java bean wax. You need to be able to melt the wax and constantly stir it.

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Make sure your skin is clean before applying. The wax dries quickly and gives long-lasting results, although it can make your skin temporarily red. You have to remove the wax by lifting up an edge or by using wax strips that need to be put on when the wax is still wet. These strips are sold separately.

Another body wax is Rica body wax. This wax comes as a kit that includes strips to help remove large patches of hair, and disposable applicators. Jashan Virk thought that Rica removed more hair than Java bean wax. Results may differ for you.

Finally, the last wax she tested was Sleek cold wax. This also comes as a kit with applicators and strips. It’s more convenient than wax you need to heat up since it can be used right from the can. Be sure to keep the lid on tight when not using it, or it will quickly dry up.