Using Durable Bags Instead of Plastic Bags

In many industries today, especially where grocery stores are concerned, plastic bags have long since become the norm because of their very low price, abundance, and convenience, but it can argued that the ecological impact of these bags has become far too high, and there are alternatives that are both more viable for the environment (counting landfills) and come with more features and durability than plastic bags anyway, making them more useful and practical for consumers on their own merit. Reusable grocery bags, wholesale custom wine bags, drawstring bags, and more are some of the options for people looking to phase out plastic bags from their daily lives, and what is more, these bags can even be made with custom patterns or colors to suit the user’s tastes, since they last so long and are made with durable materials. Custom insulated bags are great not just for grocery shopping but also for carrying wine, cooler drinks, and even picnic food, meaning that custom insulated bag can be fashionable as well as Earth-friendly.

The Dangers of Plastic Bags

There is a good reason why custom insulated bags and other reusable bags are a good investment; plastic bags cause a lot of ecological harm. A plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade if they’re in a landfill, and they photo-degrade with exposure to sunlight, and they break down into small, toxic particles that often end up in the world’s oceans and accumulate in marine food chains. This can kill off a lot of marine species, and in the case of food species, these toxins can find their way into human bodies as well. It is believed that every single year, one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and other species will die from ingesting plastic bags. They often mistake the bags for plankton or jellyfish, and if they don’t choke on these bags, then their stomachs will become filled with indigestible plastic that starves the animal (since it can’t fit any real food into its stomach anymore). In fact, among all debris that washes up on American shores, 10% of it is plastic bags alone. What can be done to slow this down?

Bag Solutions

The good news is that durable, non-plastic and non-paper bags are growing in popularity, and they can go a long way to reducing plastic bag pollution and waste. In fact, if just one person abstains from plastic bags for the rest of his/her life, over 22,000 plastic bags will not be used, and just one reusable bag can have the same life span as some 700 plastic bags. And even though the United States uses 100 billion plastic bags per year, if enough people stop using them and switch to reusable bags, the results can add up fast, since just one person uses 350 to 500 bags per year. The total bag savings can easily reach the millions of enough communities take part in eliminating plastic bag waste.

A reusable bag does more than keep plastic bags from being used. They have their own perks, such as being made of tough fabric or other materials that can endure heavy groceries or other items inside, reducing the chances of tears, as opposed to how thin plastic bags are. Such bags can afford to be bigger than standard grocery bags, since they’re thicker, and they may come with extra features, such as temperature insulation. This makes some reusable bags ideal for carrying wine, beer, frozen foods, and more either from the store or to a picnic, serving as a lightweight cooler that is easier to carry. Custom insulated bags can be created and ordered with unique images, patterns, or colors to them as well. Custom insulated bags may last for a very long time, which saves money in the long run, and it is convenient to keep the same bag not have to keep getting new plastic bags and throw them away again. This can be especially true for grocery shoppers, who will not need to ask for paper or plastic at the checkout line.