The Return of Male Designer Shirts

French cuff shirts

In recent years, mens designer shirts have made a comeback. Once the province of older gentlemen, mens designer shirts are appearing on younger men, especially millennials. These mens designer shirts are not only noted for their quality and their sophistication, but their elegance as well.

There are many who thought that mens designer shirts were dead. Social changes in the 1960s and 1970s replaced formal wear with extremely casual clothing. When business wear came back in the 1980s, most were ready to wear shirts from gigantic textile mills. But mens designer shirts were always there, hiding in places like Savile Row in London.

Today, mens designer shirts are making a comeback. These shirts have design elements like French cuff links. These French cuff links clasp the shirt sleeve in an outward fold, rather than on top of each other, as most shirts do today. French cuff links were often used in European business settings, and have recently become more popular in the United States.

The boom in mens designer shirts with French cuff links is ingratiating. For too long, men have lost a sense of style. Now, they are rediscovering that style with French cuff shirts.