The Hardest Natural Substance vs the Strongest Emotional Bond

Throughout humanity’s history on planet earth, mutual unions between two loved ones have always had a unique way of manifesting. One generationally common symbol that has constantly manifested is the use of rare, exotic, and extravagantly expensive jewelry. Diamonds, the world’s hardest naturally occurring substance, is by far the most recognizable physical symbol of a union between two loved ones in today’s evolved world. We take a look at the symbolic features of diamonds that make this precious substance the ideal symbol for the ultimate emotional feeling, love, towards another person.

The glamourous effect

Diamonds are popularly known for their superior molecular structure that identifies them as the hardest naturally occurring substance. Right behind this impressive characteristic is another just as impressive a feature. To the eye, a diamond could arguably be the most glittery and appealing naturally occurring element.

A diamond ring presented on a glamorously planned occasion completes the whole ceremony to mark a union between two lovers. The diamond ring, often worn by the female spouse in the case of an engagement, represents a long-term commitment by both partners in a relationship.

A symbol of rarity

Finding that one person meant for you among the billions of people on our planet might not be the easiest task as it might seem. This makes an engagement between two lovers a rare special occasion that is often marked by a befitting event. Such is the case with diamonds. Diamonds exist naturally in such rare conditions that to get to them, you would have to find a way through to the earth’s mantle painstakingly.
Considering the fact that it essentially requires a 100 mile trip below the earth’s surface to get to a naturally occurring substance, to ultimately offer a piece of it to a loved one as a symbol of emotional attachment, makes the connection between diamonds and engagements a befitting one. However, it can be justly argued that the cost of a rare diamond engagement ring less than equals the value of the emotional bond formed between two loved ones.

A durable union

It’s fair to say that the hardest naturally occurring substance on planet earth is built for an almost immortal trip through existence. This makes diamonds the perfect material for a perfect customized wedding ring. Capturing different natural elements while at the same time looking appealing, the diamond ring has proven to be a preferable choice for engaged lovers.

A diamond ring makes for the perfect manifestation of a union between two lovers built to last. If you are going to live by the binding couple’s saying that goes, “…till death do us part….”, then you are going to need a wedding ring that survives the cruel test of time.

An epitome of elegance

Diamonds have throughout history been associated with a less than a modest lifestyle. Being in possession of anything with the tiniest hint of diamond would instantly characterize you as of higher societal stature. Going for custom made jewelry and accessorizing with the rest of your wear would certainly put you in a class of your own.

Diamond-accessorized jewelry is the perfect accessorizing jewelry to get your spouse if you show your taste for style and elegance.


It would be no exaggeration if diamonds were likened to the ultimate symbol of a physical manifestation of love. An accessory is so special and rare that it sums up the meaning of the love that has developed between two partners. Diamonds would, therefore, without a doubt make for the best-customized wedding jewelry or just perhaps an engagement ring.