Taking A Look At The Versatility Of Fashion In The United States

From the pony cap to the slouchy beanie to the tee shirt to the fashionable dress, fashion has become an important mode of self expression here in the United States. For children and grown adults alike, how you dress can certainly make a statement for how you view yourself, and it can also help you to project your most accurate self to the world. Fashion is functional, surely, but it can also be fun.

In fact, the demand for clothing has only continued to grow, with an estimated eighty billion total articles of clothing produced each year on a global scale, circulated around the world and finding homes in many different places. And the typical woman here in the United States perhaps spends the most of all on clothing an other forms of apparel, an estimated one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars over the course of an eighty year life.

And there are many different types of essential clothing items out there. Take hats, for example. From the pony cap to the messy bun beanies, there are many different types of hats alone. And a hat like a pony cap can be used as a fashion accessory to be sure, but a hat such as a pony cap can also be used to keep the sun out of your face. A pony cap is likely to be used during hot summer days and you’ll see many a pony cap adorning the heads of female athletes, such as those who are participating in a softball match or a soccer game.

The pony cap is only one such variety of hat, however. During the winter months, it’s more likely that you’ll use a crochet beanie or other type of warm hat that you can putt over your ears and cover your head with entirely. During the months of cold and cooler weather, covering as much as your body with as much warmth as possible is usually the end goal, and something like a pony cap won’t cut it in the same way that crochet beanies can.

Aside from hats, shirts are also an important part of getting dressed every single day. Unless you’re going swimming, after all, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be wearing some type of shirt. Tee shirts, for instance, are particularly popular, with the average person here in the United States owning up to ten different tee shirts, if not even more than than (as was true for about sixty two percent of the population of American adults surveyed).

Tee shirts are not only functional, but they’re incredibly comfortable as well. They’re also very versatile and can be worn for sporting events, as an athlete, and during just about any hot summer day. Many people will wear tee shirts to bed as well, or for when they are just lounging around the house. And while tee shirts are not likely to be appropriate for the typical work place, casual work events like picnics will often even come with a commemorative tee shirt.

Of course, the long sleeve shirt is also important in a number of different scenarios when even the most versatile of tee shirts would not be appropriate or ideal. For one, a plain long sleeve shirt can easily be used for layering, meaning that even in work place settings, simple long sleeve shirts will find a place. And on top of this, long sleeve shirts can be used to protect your skin, such as when you plan on doing manual labor in the sun for a long period of time or if you are going to go hiking or spend time in nature in some other way.

From the pony cap to knit hats, from tank tops to tee shirts, the versatility of fashion is something that is greater now, especially here in America, than it has ever been before. Fashion serves an incredibly important functional role, this is most certainly true, but it also serves as an outlet for self expression. And with clothing like tee shirts coming in different varieties, expressing yourself is easier than ever.