Shopping Videos, Whether You’re Shopping Or Not

Shopping videos

Who love shopping videos? I love shopping videos! You love shopping videos! Everybody loves shopping videos!

But wait, what sort of shopping videos are we talking about? Well, the sheer variety is part of what’s so overwhelming. Videos that help you shop, videos that urge you to shop, videos that make you never want to shop again… there’s really no limit here. There are also a lot of humorous and general interest sort of shopping videos that will simply entertain you with weird observations about consumer culture, or with strange events that occurred while people were (what else?) shopping.

There are for instance, the brand of shopping videos you’ll see on, namely a mostly very earnest bunch of ads for small businesses like Captain’s Cove Seaport tourist attraction in Connecticut. Or for something a little more exotic, there’s the often bizarre collection of “shopping” tagged videos on You’ll see unremarkable things like a woman in high feels falling down an escalator, or an extremely revealing series of clips that compare the Black Friday shopping habits of American and Japanese consumers. (Here’s a clue about that; our friends in Japan are much better behaved on this famously unruly bargain hunting day.)

And if you can somehow stand to dive even deeper into the vortex of shopping videos, there’s really no end of this sort of thing on YouTube. And, of course, if you count conventional big budget advertisements as falling somewhere on the spectrum of shopping videos, then going to the website of pretty much any major clothing company (I tried Gucci, ’cause why not?) will open up a whole world of promotional videos for you to enjoy and get covetous over. So if you’re a fan of shopping videos, you’re in luck. You’re a fan of one of the most prolific types of video content on the entire internet!