Man Manipulates and Creates His Environment With Furniture

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Man is not only the creator of his surroundings, but the manipulator as well. Mans relationship to his environment began as one concerned only with utilitarian function (the shovel, the container, the ax), but over time, this relationship has evolved more so into a relationship of comfort and atmosphere (ambiance). A wide array of unique stone furniture was excavated in the neolithic village of Skara Brae, located in Orkney. This particular site is said to date from between 3100 to 2500 BCE. The people of Orkney built furniture from stone due to wood shortages.

This desire to manipulate our environment is why we began to see things being invented such as furniture, both practical and for leisure. Charles Darwin invented the modern office chair by fastening wheels to an arm chair in order to move around his studio with greater speed and Otto Von Bismarck is known as the pioneer of popularizing them by distributing them throughout Parliament during his time in office.

Furniture stores in tampa fl, furniture stores clearwater FL, and furniture stores in Spring Hill Fl are keeping the legacy alive and allowing man the full control over his environment that he so craves. The word “couch” etymologically originates from the old French noun couche, which means “to lie down.” Today, furniture is used both for practical purposes and merely just decor.

Leather is a byproduct of the beef industry. Leather furniture, in all of its sleek and cozy glory, is created from materials which would otherwise go to waste. Furniture stores Hudson Fl and furniture stores in Clearwater Fl provide all of the furniture one could ask for in order to manipulate and create his own environment to his liking.