Long Hours And Cramped Schedules How Nurses Find Room For Fashion In The Medical Industry

Who said form and function had to be mutually exclusive?

The best kind of fashion is the kind that supplements everything you do. That’s not just the latest social function, but your work office, your trip to the grocery store and a casual stroll around the park. Doctor shoulder bags are one of the most creative ways of matching form and function today. Not only can a doctor messenger bag hold all the necessary tools for the job, but help you look good while doing it. Choosing one today can help stave off the cramps and aches that come with shouldering the ills of your industry.

It’s time to upgrade your medical equipment bag.

Multiple medical industries in the United States are seeing a surge in applicants. That’s because medical technology is progressing almost faster than we can keep up, meaning we’re always in need of experienced pharmacists, medical instrument manufacturers and technicians. Today the global medical technology industry’s market size is $400 billion, with the current value of American surgical and medical instrument manufacturing shipments is worth $38 billion. It’s not hard to see why doctor shoulder bags are seeing some growth themselves.

With the United States the largest medical device market in the world, boasting a market size of $140 billion alone, it’s smart to take advantage of your functional carry-on options now. Backpacks can encourage significant strain when improperly worn or carrying far too many items, leading to lower back issues and chronic pain that can have you seeing a therapist when you least expect it. There are around three million registered nurses working today, with around 825,000 Licensed Practical Nurses. Why not be one of many that takes care of their health and their work?

Today the surgical apparel industry is worth an impressive $900 million. You have general clinical bags that come in various shapes and sizes, with medical equipment bags designed to make sure your tools aren’t jostled, damaged or shaken as you move from place to place. The next five years are expected to see an increase in demand for high quality surgical apparel, thanks to the increase in elderly and obese populations. More doctors also want to make sure they look good, and subsequently feel good, as they work one of today’s most stressful and demanding jobs.

Your apparel might be more behind than you realize. One out of five American workers in the healthcare and hospitality industry have been found to wear the same thing nearly every day. This doesn’t just go for shoes and shirts, but for basic carry-on equipment. Not only can this lower your self-esteem and perception of what you have to offer to the job, it can actually increase your stress and leave you in a bad spot to stave off chronic stress. Doctor shoulder bags are designed to be comfortable, preventing shoulder pain while keeping your items within easy reach.

A doctor satchel bag can breathe some new life into your wardrobe while still putting your job first. They can look like a classic messenger bag or a large purse, depending on what you need to take to the office that day, and come with enough pockets to keep your possessions safe. Some bags even hearken to an older time, coming in brown and red leather that can add a touch of class to your latest ensemble. Just because you work long hours and can be too busy to go have a night out on the town doesn’t mean you have to look the part.

Touch up your wardrobe this year. Buy a doctor messenger bag that combines the best in aesthetics and physical support.