Lil Rel Howery Comments About the Academy Awards

It was tough to find a more popular horror movie last year than the film Get Out. For those unaware Get Out helped to revolutionize the modern horror film movement. Directed by television superstar Jordan Peele, Get Out is equal parts thought provoking and truly terrifying. That being said, one actor helped to bring much needed comic relief for such a serious film. Lil Rel Howery, star of Get Out, recently had some words to say about the state of film awards. In this post, you’ll learn how Lil Rel Howery’s comments regarding the Academy Awards.

The Academy’s Big Decision

For years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have been dealing with criticism. This criticism primarily has to do with which movies are allowed to receive nominations. Many people have noticed that movies deemed blockbusters are typically shunned by the Academy. One notable exception from last year’s best picture contention was Get Out. However, industry statistics show that this film grossed over $255 million at the box office.

These criticisms are apparently not lost on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Recently, the Academy announced that they will be including a new category into this year’s award ceremonies. This category will be known as the outstanding achievement in popular film. Needless to say, many Hollywood news website’s comment sections turned into places for fierce debate about this decision. While many people are jeering the Academy for finally changing their ways, one actor remains optimistic.

Howery’s Comments About the Academy Awards

In a recent interview on a celebrity news website, Lil Rel Howery voiced his opinion about the latest entertainment changes made by the Academy. The latest celebrity to speak about this issue, Howery feels that this category allows the Academy to “upgrade” how the organization has been run the past 70 years. In addition, Howery feels that Get Out would have won best picture had this category existed last year. Howery also noted that the Academy needs to implement changes that make these ceremonies “more fun.”

How the Academy’s Decision Could Impact Black Cinema

Howery’s recent opinions are those shared by many within the African American community. Many of the latest celebrity news is focusing on whether films featuring African Americans will be included in the Academy’s new category. While this new category allows for almost any film to be included, many feel that black cinema needs a larger spotlight at the Academy Awards. Statistics show that there are nearly 45 million African Americans living throughout the United States. However, many feel that their voices aren’t being heard at this famous awards ceremony. For instance, think about famous African American actor Will Smith who is constantly mentioned on latest celebrity news websites. Nearly every film this man has starred in grosses over $100 million at the box office. However, he’s rarely mentioned at any Academy Awards ceremonies.

One notable contender that could easily win the Academy’s new award is Black Panther. This film is based on Marvel’s legendary African American superhero. In a similar manner to what Get Out did for horror, Black Panther did for action films. This movie gave African American audiences a story that wasn’t centered on Caucasian superheroes. Black Panther, much like Get Out, was also a huge success with audiences and critics from all walks of life.

To summarize, Lil Rel Howery recently spoke about changes during this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. These changes include adding a new award of outstanding achievement in popular film. The latest celebrity to speak about the Academy Awards, Lil Rel Howery, had a lot to say about this addition. The announcement of a new category for the Academy was a huge announcement. Celebrities and fans alike are now waiting to see which will take home this year’s new award.