Inground Plaster Pool Upgrade

If you have an aging swimming pool that you want to give a new facelift, you’ve come to the right place. This video will help you understand how to manage your own swimming pool renovation.

Start the renovation by draining all water, and demolishing and removing old tiles. You can rent a pneumatic hammer or use your regular hammer and chisel to remove these tiles.

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Also, remove the old scratch coat (adhesive) used to hold the old tiles on the swimming pool walls. This will make it easier to install new tiles.

After installing new tiles, use a pressure washer to clean the pool. Cleaning is essential as it will help to eliminate loose paint, dirt, dust, grime, and mud from the pool. Apply a bond coat to glue new swimming pool coatings to the existing plaster finishes. You can apply the coat using a spray gun, brush, or rollers.

Next, use a concrete mixer to mix pebble tec with cement and your dye. Then pump the mixture to the swimming pool surface at high pressure using a hose pipe. Trowel the mixture to fine-level the surface and also increase density. Afterward, acid-wash the pool surface to eliminate stains and microorganisms like algae. Complete your swimming pool renovation by cleaning it with water – the water will remove the used acid that would etch the plaster.