How to Prepare For a Facelift

If you’ve decided you’d like to rewind the clock and add some freshness and vitality back to your face with a facelift, you have some important prep work to do. You can’t simply walk into a surgeon’s office and undergo a facelift with no preparation. In fact, the decision for a facelift itself is one that should be given plenty of thought and consideration. You should only get a facelift, or any other type of cosmetic surgery if you’re of sound mind and body.

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The decision should be one that you made entirely on your own, and should not have been pushed or prodded on you by anyone else. A procedure of this caliber should be done only for your own satisfaction and nobody else’s.

You’ll want to make sure you fully understand the risks involved with a facelift procedure. Make sure you are well-versed in all the steps of the process. This includes before-care and after-care. The steps you take before and after the facelift are just as important as the facelift itself, and they will determine the success of the procedure.