How to Create a Luxury Bracelet Stack

Creating your own unique look isn’t easy. While you may love a piece of clothing or jewelry on display at your favorite store, you have to know how to wear it to incorporate it into your own style flawlessly. If you want to upgrade your look by adding new jewelry, this post can help.

In the video here, the host explains how she created her own signature bracelet stack from luxury brands. Her stackable bangels and bracelets work cohesively to create a unique and daring look. Although each bracelet is simple, the combined effect of wearing all of them together is synergistic.

Video Source

When choosing stackable bangles and bracelets, it’s important to consider variety. You don’t want all of your bracelets to be the same style or width. However, if you are wearing bracelets made of real gold or silver, it’s important to keep the metal type the same across all of the bracelets on the same arm. This will prevent damage to bracelets made from softer metals. If you want to mix and match colors, your best bet is to choose different colors of gold.

A jeweler can help you find the best luxury stackable bracelets to create the look you’re going for.