How to Choose a Theme for Your Fundraising Event

Once you have decided to raise some money for a common cause, the next big challenge is how to pick the right apparel for your fundraising. Coming up with ways on how to raise the money will always be a big challenge for most people but people are increasingly coming up with ingenious ways of doing so. In order to run a successful campaign, you must first focus on your fundraising apparel needs. It doesn’t matter what type of fundraising event that you are running. It can be a class fundraiser, educational fundraiser or even a spirit wear fundraiser. It is worth noting that your fundraising apparel needs will most likely be influenced by the event. Over the past few decades, t-shirt fundraising has become one of the best strategies of running a successful fundraising event. This is because by using this strategy as your main apparel for fundraising, you achieve three objectives at the same time. First, through t-shirt sales, people actually contribute to your cause. Secondly, people show support by purchasing your t shirts for fundraising. Lastly, customized fundraising t shirts create awareness about your cause which further increases the possibility of more donations. Below are some tips on how to run a successful school t shirt fundraising.

Look at the Schedule
Timing is very important if you want to run a successful school fundraiser. Make sure that you are aware of the start and end dates of your fundraising campaign. In most cases, you should have a plan regarding how to source for your fundraising apparel needs. More importantly, you should have a contingency plan in the event that things don’t work out the way they were supposed to. When ordering your custom high school t-shirts, make sure that this is done well in advance such that the custom apparel is available even before the launch of your fundraising campaign. You need to understand that your fundraising apparel needs can change at any time between the start and the end of your fundraising campaign. By executing the perfect timing, you will have just the right number of participants in the fundraiser instead of crowding out the event or having people lose interest in the event even before it starts.

The Prices Should be Strategic
A common mistake that people make when running a fundraising campaign is trying to make the most out of your custom high school apparel under the shortest time possible. This approach is often derived from the cost that you will spend on your fundraising apparel needs. You need to set the prices at just the perfect range that is neither too expensive nor too cheap but strikes the perfect balance of affordability. Even after spending on your fundraising apparel needs, you should remember that the campaign you are running is not for profit. If you set the prices to be too low, people might get the idea that your custom apparel is of low quality. Whereas you could be looking to invite people who might be undecided on your custom apparel, this idea could backfire massively if it sends the wrong impression to potential buyers about the quality of your custom t-shirts. On the other hand, setting unrealistically high prices can limit you from reaching your funding goals.