Freshen Up Your Look With Professional Photo Retouching Services! You Won’t Regret it!

Photo editing services for photographers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And, looking at the various popular social media apps out on the market today, that may very well be true. Apps that tend to be word-based are falling in popularity and more than ever, pictures are telling a story. Instagram, for example, has certainly seen this play out. Four years ago, in 2012, Instagram already had over 500 million pictures. That’s 30 times more pictures than the entire photo archive possessed by the Library of Congress! Instagram boasts around 300 million users that all share and post around 70 million pictures every day. Yet, with all the selfies and amateur photographers, professional photos and professional photo retouching services are still in demand. Although many of us may style ourselves, “photographers,” it seems that for headshots, family memories, and other precious or important photos, we rely on the professionals.
But Professional Photos Cost So Much! Can’t I Just Snap One With My Digital Camera?
Sure you can! And plenty of people do. However, photographs taken by the professionals tend to be higher quality, with better color resolution, and staying power. If you print your pictures or have them developed yourself, it’s likely that the photo might fade over time. You can also hire professional photo retouching services to make the photos look even better — and a little Photoshop from time to time never hurt anyone (or anything!) Your photographer will also most likely stage you for some of the shots so your photos will look elegant and perfect, without one hair out of place! For important events like baby photos, wedding photos, significant birthdays, and other milestones, getting professional photos done is important. You’ll preserve the memories of that day in a high quality photo that won’t fade over time.
What’s the Purpose of Using Professional Photo Retouching Services?
The best known aspect of professional photo retouching services is airbrushing, which is often used in magazines. It helps individuals look more polished and can help get rid of acne, uneven complexions, and other “imperfections” that people might be self-conscious about. In extreme cases, you can even change someone’s weight, darken or lighten hair color and skin tone, and even more. For family photos and other more personal photos, the changes are likely to be smaller and less noticeable, but will make a stunning end product.
For products, professional photo retouching services can help make a product look appealing and stand out more from the crowd. This is particularly true in the real estate industry. Photos have been even more important with the Internet aiding searches for homes. Over 90% of potential home buyers use the Internet to look up new homes, which means that listing photos are key in how your house sells and what price it sells for.
As examples of this, Redfin did two studies. One showed that almost 65% of homes that were listed between $400,000 to $500,000 and had DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) sold in six months (or less), as compared to under 50% of homes that had only point-and-shoot photographs taken. For million dollar homes that were proving a tough sell, houses that were professionally photographed had a 5% better chance at selling in six months, as compared to houses that had point-and-shoot listing photos. The second study showed that homes between the price range of $200,000 and $1 million that had DSLR photos taken sold for between $3,400 and $11,200 more than their list prices! (However, on the more expensive side of the price range, professionally photographed homes that were over $1 million sold at prices that were pretty on par with homes that had more amateur photographs taken. It’s amazing what a professional photograph can do!
With a professional service, the high quality photos that are taken of your home can look even better with professional retouching services. Glare can be reduced and colors can be subtly altered to create a perfect product. Whether you’re getting professional photos taken for work, trying to sell products, or capturing family memories, a professional photo service is right for you.