Finding the Right Engagement Ring and Personalized Bridal Jewelry

Tradition is an interesting thing. It can be a beautiful thing that allows history to be celebrated, or it can be the restriction that keeps people stuck in the past. It can be quite intriguing to find out how a tradition first developed, how it grew over time, and if there were any changes in that tradition from the time it began to what it looks like today. One very well known tradition is the act of getting engaged, and the different symbols and expectations that often come with it.

Getting that perfect ring

Today you can see many viral videos of extravagant proposals. When one person gets down on one knee, it is generally a cue for the emotions of the other person to kick into high gear, especially when that certain piece of special jewelry gets pulled out and presented. This particular tradition began back in 1477, when Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a beautiful ring when he promised to marry her. Since then, engagement rings have become a standard element of the proposal process, though there have been trends that have shifted and changed within that tradition over time.

Diamonds are typically the go to stone for an engagement ring, but recently there are more brides to be who would prefer a different type of stone, or one that is certified to be conflict free. More people are becoming more socially and globally aware, which is a major step in the right direction. This specific preference in an engagement ring is likely the most important, and from there the options are endless, depending on the taste and style of those who are getting married.

Finding beautiful personalized bridal jewelry

Whatever your preferences happen to be, there are talented and informative local jewelers who can help you find what is right for you. Beautiful jewelry is not hard to find, but when you want the perfect style for your big occasion, it is not a bad idea to enlist the help of some professionals. You want your wedding jewelry to fit the fabulous event, and personalized bridal jewelry could be the answer. Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores can help you choose or create exactly what fits your vision for your big day.

How your taste in jewelry fits into tradition

Engagement rings are still given as a promise of marriage, centuries after Maximilian of Austria started the trend. Over time, different tastes have evolved the tradition as a whole, as have the collective mentalities of societies that have grown in understanding how to operate better on several levels. The majority of people now believe that it is crucial to buy responsibly sourced jewelry, while in the past what mattered was the price, size, and cut of the most impressive stone. Another big change has to do with gender roles. Almost 30% of men say that they would wear engagement rings, where traditionally, only women would. Change is not always a bad thing.

Finding the right engagement ring and personalized bridal jewelry can be an exciting part of a new adventure to celebrate your love. Establishing your priorities regarding your personal style and preference when it comes to the look and source of the ring can help to ensure you end up with the perfect forever jewelry.