Does the Material Of a Dress Shoe Effect It’s Longevity?

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What would you consider exotic mens shoes? Maybe leather dress shoes made from ostrich skin seem fairly exotic, or perhaps a simple pair of monk strap shoes is still outside of your comfort zone. While formal shoes for men are a wardrobe staple, many men are unsure which type of shoe will be the best fit for them. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

The first step when buying a good pair of leather shoes is to know how the best ones are made. Quality shoes can be made from a variety of materials, however leather is regarded as the most durable as it can hold up even after tens of thousands of foot flexes. The way the shoe is constructed will tell you how long it will last, although proper care does play a role.

Start at the base and examine how the uppers are attached to the insole. Look for a pair that boasts a Goodyear welt, which offers more longevity to the shoe and allows it to be re-soled, should the need arise. A lesser pair will not have the signature leather strip, but simply be cemented together using modern techniques that are less expensive for less work.

Once you know what quality construction looks like, it is time to decide what style you find appealing. The most basic and well know are of course Oxford lace ups. The Oxford is very similar to the more casual Derby, with one simple difference. On Oxfords the vamp conceals the bottom edge of the facing, or the edge on which the laces lie. On a Derby they are left exposed for a look that is not so sleek as the Oxford, but that may be appealing to some who desire a less formal look.

Either of these will work well in a man’s closet, especially in black. Brown leather shoes are fine, however they can be tricky to match to some suits, hence why black is recommended if you plan on owning only one pair. Once you have a pair of formal lace-ups, you can try something a little different in the exotic mens shoes category.

If formality is not a concern, you’ll have more options. There is the brogue, which has the perforated detailing along the wingtip. This style is definitely more casual, and looks smart with a pair of dark jeans or slack for a night out. The monk strap shoe has seen a resurgence over the last five years, and offers a compromise between the lace-up and the loafer. If you are looking for a leather dress shoe that makes a bit of a statement, this is the one for you.

Exotic mens shoes are really about where your comfort zone is in reference to footwear. Loafers may be your go-to for formal occasions, or perhaps you own several pairs of brogues in a variety of leathers. No matter what your preference, a good pair of black leather dress shoes will fill out your wardrobe for years to come. Just make sure they were made well.