Do You Love Camo Clothing? Here are a Few Facts About the History of Camo

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Do you like blending into a crowd? are you a fan of the mysterious? If you like to maintain an aire of mystery in your day to day clothing choices, then you should think about investing in some camouflage clothing. Here are a few facts about the history of the style so that you know exactly what it is that you are wearing.

According to Time Magazine, camouflage clothing first became popular in the United States as a fashion option in the 1980s. The word camouflage is derived from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or disguise. Patterns of this nature have been used to create uniforms for those serving in the armed forced for more than 100 years. The patterns and styles of these camouflage uniform patterns have changed and evolved in order to keep up with the ever changing landscapes. For instance, during the Gulf War, troops from the United States wore camouflage patterns that were nicknamed “cookie dough” and “chocolate chip” in order to blend in with their surroundings.

Camouflage uses two main elements to disguise, color and pattern. Though the most popular kinds of camo clothing are generally the army camo clothing used in the armed forces, it is possible to get anything fromboys camouflage clothing to camo purses and handbags. No matter what the occasion, even if you are just interested in boys camouflage clothing for your kids, you should be able to find a great camo alternative to suit your purposes.

Though this has changed over the years, currently, the most popular camouflage pattern in the United States is the U.S. Woodland pattern. One of the main reasons to the popularity of this pattern is its use by hunters in the United states. Since so much of the hunting that takes place in the country takes place in wooded areas, this kind of camouflage helps to make it a little less easy for people to be seen by the animals they are hunting.

Recently, Congress passed a 106 billion dollar emergency war spending bill to provide 70,000 camouflage uniforms for troops in Afghanistan. Far from the boys camouflage clothing that is available these days, these camouflage uniforms were more than likely of the desert variety to match the environment in Afganistan. These days, they even make camo pixilated patterns to make is less easy to see troops from satellites.