Create your special day the way you want it to be!

The wedding industry is one that will never stop growing, we all want to express how much we love one another and show the world how committed we are as a couple. Every wedding is unique in its own way and there will always be more ways to put your own spin on it. Take these wonderful ideas and make them your very own.

Create your own theme. There is no reason you need to stick to the same old wedding themes of princesses, barnyards, and beach resorts. If you have a favourite animal, colour, adventure, or memory that you hold dear take it and run with it. Create unique decorations and photo props that match your theme. Rent a portable photo booth or setup your own space to create the perfect photo space for your guests to have fun with. Have all of the photos developed and give them to your guests as thank you gifts for coming to enjoy your special day. Your special day can be anything you want it to be so let your imagination run wild and create it however you like.

Make your own menu rather than sticking to the same old stuff. Most weddings serve chicken, fish, or steak as the main course alongside the average vegetables and then a gorgeous cake at the end. If you have a favourite dish or a certain type of treat that reminds you of your partner serve it and explain why it is so special. Design a buffet around your first ten dates and what was served. Create a munchies and beer bar to cater to your partners favourite bar snacks. Have all your favourite candies displayed in a candy bar with buckets or bags your guests can use to treat themselves throughout the reception. Create your own unique ways to feed your guests and feed the romance within.

Design your own wedding rings, create personalized engagement rings, and accent yourself with outstanding bridal jewelery. Weddings can be decked out to the max or simplified to show your own unique style. You can get personalized engagement rings with colours or precious metals that mean something special to you. There is no reason you need to stick to the basic princess cut diamonds and white gold jewellery. You can choose whatever styles and designs that remind you of your love for one another and create the perfect pieces that will reflect your love forever. There are a number of different types of wedding rings that can be made specifically for you and can be matched up with your personalized engagement rings for the love of your life. 75% of brides get gold and diamonds for their engagement rings, you can choose anything you want!