Choose Linen Tablecloth Rentals for a Finishing Touch

Party linens rentals

When you’re planning a festive occasion such as an engagement party, a wedding reception, or a retirement party, you’ll want to include all of the finishing touches. Renting linens for this event is just one of the many finishing touches you’ll want to consider.

When you’re considering the many benefits of renting specialty linen, it’s important to know that the company from whom you rent will take care of cleaning the linens. Furthermore, in most cases, you won’t need to be concerned about food and drink stains or spilled candle wax.

Another benefit of choosing a linen tablecloth rental company is that there are so many colors and patterns from which to choose. Take a moment to imagine these color palettes, textures, and patterns on your tables:

    Antique lace with rosettes
    Blush pink, peach and gold
    Burlap and lace
    Neutral hues with a bold accents
    Chevron, zigzag, and checkered
    Seasonal patterns for the holidays

Yet another benefit of choosing a linen tablecloth rental company for your celebration is that these companies will also have chair cover rentals to match or accent your table and other decor. When you’re looking for where to rent table linens, remember that you will also have access to experienced staff to guide and assist you with making those final decisions.

One of the many ways linen rental company staff can assist you is when determining how much of everything you will need. After you have your estimated guest list compiled, the linen rental company staff will ask for this figure along with your table measurements. You can rest assured that they will ensure you have the right size table cloths, runners, and draping fabric as well as chair covers or cushions.

After you have the linens and chair covers taken care of, you can allow your creativity to flow even further with the decor. You can also have a considerable amount of fun with accessorizing.

Are you planning, for example, to have flowered centerpieces? Individual place settings with engraved cards? What about other design elements such as crepe paper streamers, banners, framed photos, and bouquets of colorful helium balloons? Individual party favors and small gifts in decorative bags are also a nice touch.