Big Days Demand Attention to Looking Your Best

The new school year is just beginning, but there are many seniors in high schools across the country who are already thinking about the end of the year. From dreams of graduation to plans for prom, it is sometimes difficult to remind seniors the importance of focusing on classes and the day by day work of being the best students. One of the main reasons that it is so tempting to think about the month of prom even as the school year is just beginning is that high school students like to think about traditions. The tradition of seniors getting the front row seats at the Homecoming Pep Rally. The tradition of going all out for the final dance of the year.

The decision to rent tuxedos and limos for the end of the year celebration starts early. Especially in towns where there are a limited number of options for these rentals, it is often common for members of the graduating class to start planning earlier and earlier.

The Decision to Rent Tuxedos for Proms and Weddings Continues to Grow in Popularity

Both wedding and prom tuxedo rentals play a key role in how the guys are going to look on some of the biggest and most exciting days of their lives. And while there are some parents who consider purchasing new suits instead of renting prom tuxedos, the fact of the matter is that many of these young gentlemen are not yet done growing. That purchased suit might last for a year, or it may not last through the summer. For this reason, it continues to be a wiser and more economical choice to rent tuxedos.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the formal wear rental industry and the impact that it has, not only on how you look, but also the nation’s economy:

  • Although teens are often responsible for paying for as much as 44% of prom costs, parents plan to pay for 56%, according to a Visa Prom Spending Survey.
  • 40 million is the current number of teenagers in the U.S.
  • $4 billion is the current estimated value of the American prom industry.
  • $25,760 was the cost of the average American wedding last year.
  • While getting ready for prom, guys spend an average of $184 for a tuxedo, $34 for a boutonnière, and $64 for accessories.
  • Revenues from formal wear and costume rental in the U.S. reached $458.74 million in the year 2016.

It may only be the first few weeks of the school year, but if you are the parent of a senior, you likely know that these students are already thinking about, and in some cases making decisions, about the end of the year festivities!