Be Fashion Forward With the Latest Camo Gear

Pink camo fleece jacket

Camouflage clothing has survived the changing trends of the last few decades. Since the 1980’s, it has become one of the most fashionable patterns to wear. It first became trendy for hunters after one hunter used a magic marker to create camouflage patterns on his hunting clothes in the 1970’s. The traditional colors of black, brown, and green are still available in different styles of clothing today. You can find camouflage cargo shorts, camouflage skirts, as well as camouflage purses and wallets, and even camouflage shoes.

These patterns have also translated well into different colors. Many people buy blue, pink, yellow or red camouflage outfits. You can even dress your child in pink camo baby clothing, and decorate your child’s room with camo bedding, wall paper, and other accessories. Some people buy camo fabric to stitch their own clothing.

Camouflage, derived from the French work “camoufler” meaning to disguise or blind, has been a part of the clothing industry for at least a century. During the 19th century, the accuracy and power of firearms increased, leaving soldiers more vulnerable. As a result, military camouflage clothing was created, as the patterns were meant to hide soldiers from enemies. While the traditional colors are still used widely, the most popular being the U.S. Woodland pattern, soldiers stationed in the desert typically wear camouflage clothing made of varying shades of tan. The patterns on their clothes are also slightly different so that they can blend into their natural surroundings.

These military-based clothes are now part of the hottest trends in the world. Most retailers sell camo gear, camo car accessories, pink camo baby clothes, camo wallets, and even camo wedding gowns. Any camo fanatic can surround themselves in camouflage by going online or visiting their local stores.

Camouflage has become an integral part of both military and every day life, and it looks as if it will continue to influence fashion in the future. Helpful links.