Avon Atlanta Facts

Makeup and beauty products

Every woman in America has heard of the company Avon and probably bought something from their catalog at least once in their lives. Avon had annual sales of $10.8 billion worldwide in 2010, making the beauty company the 5th largest beauty company in the world today and the Avon atlanta offices have a lot to do with that. Although the company has been known as Avon forever and is huge the company has always had its headquarters in New York, Avon originally started out being called the California Perfume Company.

It is interesting to note that the first Avon lady, as they are fondly called was Mrs. PFE Albee of New Hampshire and that she was 50 years old when she began selling perfumes for the company, in 1886. That is a long time ago and only goes to prove how resilient Avon and Avon Atlanta representatives can be. It is also interesting to note that around the world four Avon lipsticks are sold every second, which may include the beauty supply stores in decatur ga.

The first Avon ladies were door to door salespeople but times have changed and that is not done very often anymore. Now you can order from the catalog, online, or from the Avon Atlanta representative in your area. You can also purchase products from the beauty supply stores in georgia, and in other beauty supply stores across America.

Many people wonder where the owner came up with the name Avon, it is said that Shakespeare happened to be one of the owners favorite writers and he named the company after the authors home Stratford on Avon. Avon has come a long way since the time that it was a small perfume company in New York. It is now a multibillion dollar company that sells products ranging from perfumes to cosmetics and even holiday decorations and clothing. There is not much that you cannot get from an Avon Atlanta representative in today’s modern world.