Are You Looking for the Perfect Kind of Promotional Gift?

The promotional towels were a nice touch. Typically, when you daughter’s high school cross country team attends a meet there is at least one parent who is in charge of bring ice cold towels to hand to the runners after they come across the finish line and out the back end of the race chute. The one meet that is out of state, however, works a little differently. With one parking lot that is open to the first 30 team buses that show up, this is one of the largest cross country meets in the midwest. As a result the competition fees are higher than normal and there simply is not room for individual teams to bring in their own comforts like cold, wet towels. The meet hosts themselves, however, gave every runner one of their promotional towels at the finish line.

As luck would have it, the weather at this year’s meet was much cooler than normal, but the cool towels were still a welcome gift at the end of this exhausting and hilly course.

Wholesale Towel Purchases Can Help You Promote Your Business or Non Profit
Finding the right kind of promotional item can sometimes be a challenge, but many for profit and non profit companies have found that promotional beach towels are very popular. Made of a fabric that can easily be cut into a variety of sizes, towels are an increasingly popular way to help promote any kind of business. And while a small, ice cold neck towel may be the perfect solution for a high school cross country meet, there are often many more benefits from the larger surface offered by a beach towel. Lending itself well to any combination of bright colors, these promotional towels not only help advertise your business’s name, but also serve a function months beyond any event.

As more and more Americans decide to spend time at the beach or at other athletic contests, in fact, your promotional towel can literally travel the world. Consider some of these statistics about the many times that your promotional towels might be put to use long after the initial marketing event:

  • Nearly 48% of beach goers indicate that they prefer to read while they are out. Everyone of these need a comfy towel to put between themselves and the sand.
  • On the beach, 60% of Americans preferred doing nothing or relaxing versus the 13% who prefer exercising.

  • Simming burns a lot of calories in the body because many different body parts are involved in the process. In fact, swimmers can exert as many as 800 to 900 calories in just a single hour of swimming. After every swim, a towel is needed.
  • Washing your car goes better if you have a nice fluffy, clean towel to use for drying.
  • Estimates indicate that as many as 52% of respondents to a survey worldwide expected to vacation at the beach in the next year. Everyone one of them will be in need of a towel.
  • At just two and a half hours a week of aerobic physical activity, you can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. Athletes who swim, bicycle, or run often use a towel at the end of their workout.
  • There are nearly 95,471 miles of shoreline in America and its territories, everyone of them scattered with beach towels and other necesities.

If you are in charge of determining what kind of promotional item to hand out at your next marketing or sporting event, you might find that a promotional towel is a perfect solution. In fact, these items are an easy NO SWEAT decision that will be used on locations around the world for months, and even years, to come.