All About Beard Oils

Scented beard oil

The world is divided into two types of men. Those with facial hair and those without. Over half the world’s men have facial hair, and in the United States more than a third of men choose to grow out their facial hair. Some do it for convenience. Shaving can be a pain! Others do it to make a personal statement about how they see themselves. Some do it because it protects the face from the sun, or to avoid pesky razor burn.

Whatever reason you have for growing out your beard, you probably already know that there are beard care challenges to growing and keeping a fine-looking beard. Beard oils can be key to a great beard.

What are Beard Oils?

Usually a mix of a carrier oil and essential oils, beard oils are often made from things like almond oil, coconut oil, or even argan oil. Each has different properties. Some work best to moisturize, others are naturally healing to the skin, some promote hair growth. Essential oils give scented beard oil the right scent, and popular choices are cedarwood, pine, rosemary, orange, or even peppermint.

What do Beard Oils Do?

An all natural beard oil is great for the skin, makes the hair on your face feel less dry, makes it easier for you to get your facial hair to go where you want it to, and cuts down on dandruff.

How do Beard Oils Help with Itching?

The hair on your face is growing amongst glands that naturally produce an oil that keeps the hair follicles covered that the skin moisturized. When the hair growth reaches a certain point, there’s not enough of this oil, which causes your face to feel dry and itchy. Beard oil helps with that.

What else Can Beard Oil Help With?

If you’ve got the dreaded patchy or bald spots on your face where your beard doesn’t seem to grow in right, you probably hate them. Sometimes these spots are genetic, but it’s also possible that dry skin or some other skin condition are to blame. Get a beard oil kit with naturally medicinal oils and you may be able to help the problem enough to encourage hair growth in those places.

How do Beard Oils Make You Feel?

In a word, confident. Men often grow beards because they hope to look more manly, boost confidence, appear intimidating at work, or attract women. And while great beards have been known to do all these things, one of the downsides of a beard is that neglecting it–even for a day–can actually have the opposite effect. A beard that isn’t well groomed makes a person look lazy and careless, which isn’t likely the vibe you hope to project. Beard oil can make it a lot easier to style and groom your beard, and also adds a pleasant scent that makes you seem clean and put together.

How do I Use Beard Oil?

The best time to use it is right after you’ve washed, either fresh out of the shower or after washing your face. Some people also like to use it at night before bed, but the real question is what’s right for you. Experiment with both. Just remember that you only want, and need, a few drops applied to dry hair. Put it in the palm of your hand and rub it thoroughly through the whole beard. Longer beards can benefit from a comb to help the oil reach the ends.

If you’re going to have a beard, make it a great one. Don’t send the wrong message with a scruffy, unkept mess. Beard oils might be just the ticket to make sure your beard says exactly what you want it to say about you.