Adding Portable Solar Panels to Your Bug Out Gear Backpack

Whether you’re on a camping trip or waiting out hurricane season at home, it helps to be prepared. The classic bug out gear backpacks with their basic supplies of food, water, first aid, clothing, shelter, and radio are getting a 21st century makeover. Portable solar panels can provide electricity for different purposes, from charging phones to providing light and heat. Whatever the situation, it’s a good idea to prepare survival kits for every member of the family.

What in your bug out bag?
Classic bug out gear backpacks contain a survival kit with enough supplies to last for three days or 72 hours. That’s typically the length of time it takes for things to be brought under control in the event of a natural disaster. Humans can survive for about three weeks without food, but only three or four days without water. In extreme weather conditions, survival is possible only for a few hours without shelter.
The contents of the classic disaster kits are packed with these in mind. Basic emergency kit supplies include food, water, shelter, warm clothing, flashlights, first aid, and shortwave radios to communicate with rescuers. These are the timeless supplies that should be included in every disaster kit, but new technology is adding features like portable solar panels that can charge phones and provide heat and light.

Going solar in an emergency
Portable solar panels are quickly becoming an essential part of outdoor gear as well as emergency kits. They can be used by all kinds of people in all kinds of situations: on family camping trips, by backpackers, and off-grid homesteaders. They are lightweight, rugged, weatherproof, and can be used to charge mobile devices like phones and tablets.
Larger models are modular and can be linked in a chain up to four or five deep. These are both practical and green, offering a way to reduce your carbon footprint each time you use them. Their flexibility and light weight makes them essential additions to your bug out gear backpacks.

Statistically, anyone’s chances of being killed in a natural disaster are 3,500 to one. However, it always helps to be prepared. Adding portable solar panels to your bug out gear backpacks adds the benefits of 21st century technology to your survival kit.