5 Ways the MOPH Helps Veterans and Their Families

Donating clothing to charity

One of the best ways to help out those in need is to provide household items or clothing donations to a charity. In fact, statistics show that 95.4% of those living in the United States take part in some type of charitable giving. It’s understandable to want to give to a charity while knowing how they’re able to help those in need. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider learning more about the Purple Heart. This medal is a United States military decoration given to either those who were wounded or killed while serving in a branch of the military. Considering that, here are five ways the Military Order of the Purple Heart helps veterans and their families.

  1. Giving Military Families Educational Opportunities

    Veterans charities do not only help those who have served their country. In addition, many of these charities help family members of veterans in many ways. One way these charities help families is through the creation of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are offered to veterans as well as their family members. Obtaining scholarships helps military families not have to worry about the burden of higher education costs.
  2. Helping Veterans Receive Job Training

    Statistics gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in March 2013 found that 207,000 of those who recently became military veterans were unable to find jobs. Considering that, military charities place a heavy emphasis on helping veterans receive jobs after they’ve served. That being said, it’s understandable that veterans might need assistance in order to learn skills needed to enter the workforce. Considering that, veterans charities work to ensure that veterans are able to have access to thorough training. In turn, this training is beneficial to employers who are needing skilled workers.
  3. Sheltering Those Without Homes

    One of the most important things that veterans charities do is shelter those without a home. For many reasons, someone might find themselves unable to live in a home of their own. With that in mind, the Military Order of the Purple Heart is able to utilize funding provided by donations to help shelter military families without a home.
  4. Reuniting Military Medals

    Unfortunately, certain military families are unable to currently obtain the Purple Heart awarded to a member of their family. Considering that, one of the most important services offered by the Military Order of the Purple Heart is known as Purple Hearts Reunited. This service helps military families recover lost or stolen Purple Heart medals. In fact, this service has helped over 100 families become reunited with Purple Heart medals that were previously lost.
  5. Providing Rehabilitation Services

    It’s understandable that certain individuals will want access to rehabilitative services. This service helps those who have served their country to speak with a qualified representative. In turn, a veteran is able to get the services they need in order to treat the conditions they’re dealing with.

To summarize, there are many ways that the Military Order of the Purple Heart helps veterans and their families. That being said, you can help out these types of veterans charities in multiple ways. One way to help charities is to gather and provide these groups with charitable donations is by giving them clothing and household items. If you’re unable to leave your home to take donations to a location, certain charities will be able to pick up donated goods from your property.