4 Reasons to Schedule a Charity Pick Up

Summer’s coming. It’s time to break out the clothes for hot weather, go through the kids’ things to see what doesn’t fit, and get rid of worn out cool weather clothes. Before you start the process, why not arrange a charity pick up first?

  1. Arranging a charity pick up in advance will keep you motivated to finish the project. Let’s admit it: it’s easy to start this kind of spring cleaning and then give up halfway. If you have a donation pick up arranged for a particular date, it does a lot to keep you motivated and on task. What better way to keep going on your project then the prospect of helping families in need?
  2. Arranging a charity pick up assures you that there’s an end in sight. Once you’ve gone through every drawer and closet, fought with the kids over toys and clothes they never used but suddenly feel desperately attached to, and put everything into boxes and bags, wouldn’t it be great to know those items will be going somewhere? They won’t just sit in the garage taking up space forever: they’ll be helping families in need and giving you more space.
  3. Arranging a charity pick up helps you teach your children the importance of caring about others. It’s a small step, but it’s an important one. That fight over toys and clothes the kids don’t seem to want until they face the prospect of giving it away? That’s the natural selfish streak that runs through all of us. Help them learn early by explaining to them how their donations can help other people and the environment. The recovery rate for used home textiles, including clothes, was only about 15% in 2011, and those things that aren’t recycled or donated go into landfills where they create dangerous gases and do no one any good. Meanwhile, 80% of clothing donations get used for the needy and for funding for charity organizations.
  4. Arranging a charity pick up lets you make good use of larger items. You might be able to arrange your own drop off of clothes, textiles, and smaller home goods to a charity donation. But what about larger items like home appliances or furniture? Just because you don’t have the means to transport that couch doesn’t mean you can’t donate it. In fact, it’s usually possible to arrange a pick up within a week or two of the time you call.

Donating your goods to charity is a great way to get rid of clutter, teach your kids the value of caring, and do real, tangible good for other people and for the environment. Why not schedule a charity pick up today?
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