4 Ideas of Gifts for the Picky Man in Your Life

Luxury ostrich skin boots for men

Trying to buy a gift for a man is a very difficult job. Women are happy with a myriad of things but men seem to be so specific with the things that they want. For the most part, sentimental and thoughtful gifts are appreciate and then tossed aside because they have no practical use. That is the main thing, most men are very logical and want practical gifts that they can use. That is why this list was put together. It is a few practical ideas for gifts for men. Of course, not all men are the same, contrary to popular belief, so your particular man may not want all of these things.

Luxury Italian Loafers for Men
Shoes are definitely a practical gift. Everyone wears shoes. However, Italian loafers for men are a great gift because these high end mens shoes can be casual or dressy depending on what they are paired with. You don’t want to chance it and get them some kind of exotic alligator shoes or something crazy like that. Stick with Italian loafers for men and you are sure to strike gold. Just make sure that you know what size they are and what color they usually wear. Whether leather shoes or oxford shoes, men tend to prefer neutral colors on their feet. But that could mean black, tan, nude, brown, olive green or others.

Waterproof Watch With All the Fixings
Most men wear watches. Keep in mind that wearing a watch for a man is much like jewelry for a woman. They have specific tastes about the look of the watch. However, you can be pretty certain that any man would appreciate a waterproof watch so that they don’t have to take it off in the shower or if they go swimming at all. Besides, being waterproof, men appreciate having little gadgets and features to show off to their friends as long as they are usable as well. The thing with guys is that they don’t need just because it is cool. If it is cool then that is a bonus but it needs to be practical as well.

Weaponry- Knives, Crossbows, Guns
Now, this one strictly depends on what kind of guy you are buying for. Some men are very anti weapons but some are very for them. For the guys that would appreciate a weapon as a gift, the weapon itself is the practical factor so almost any kind is going to be a winner. These kinds of gifts can get pretty expensive so you want to make sure that it is returnable if something goes wrong with it. Cross bows particularly can be finicky and even guns can have sights that are off, etc. Check the return policy and do not buy online as much as possible.

Gift Cards for Food or Food Gifts
You have heard the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this is very true. Food will never be a bad gift for a man. This is especially true if you know all of his favorite snacks. Make up a basket of various kinds of meats and cheeses and candy. Energy drinks or beer would be a winner to, unless of course the man you are buying for does not drink alcohol. You could also throw in a bag of coffee or a coffee shop gift card if the man you are buying the gift for is an avid coffee drinker. Come to think of it, if you are buying for an avid coffee drinker, your job just got a whole lot easier. Throw in a ton of coffee stuff and it will be the best gift on the planet for them.

Italian loafers for men, guns, food baskets filled with meat; what do all of these things have in common? They are expensive. If you are going to be buying for a man, you might as well keep in mind that you are going to need to spend a pretty penny. Guys are known for just buying something if they want it or need it so you might have to get somewhat creative when you are trying to think up ideas